Monday, August 19, 2013

"First Day" Photos

I really don't have time to blog right now..........

But I just had to get some first day of school photos up for the folks back home.

Although we never really stopped doing school around here, it is nice to have a renewed sense of excitement about learning.

This year we have a Grade One child, a Preschool child, and a baby helper ;)

This morning we went on a nature walk, so there is PE and Science all in one.
And we wore old clothes and didn't even brush our hair.
Looking good.......

I better go we have chores, and books and math and most importantly Bible time.
Naps and playing are on the roster too :O)
Praying your school year is blessed, and that He guides us as parents and that we listen!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a typical day, if there is such a thing

Sorry I have been a major slacker when it comes to this blog.
"Having three children is a lot like herding cats", I once heard and now am believing.
Even though I don't have any pictures I thought I would share with you a typical school day.
We have been "doing school" on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Monday we go to the library, and Friday we have gymnastics.
Here is the schedule we "try" to stick to, but of course it is not always perfect nor does it always get done how I think it should :O)

1. Wake. (Whenever they want, I think kids, and Mama's need as much sleep as possible.)

2. Get dressed and make your bed. (This we are working on and a lot of the time Daddy gives them breakfast and lets me sleep in)

3. Breakfast. (then clear your own plate and sweep up the floor, usually there is a fight over who gets the big broom:O)

4. Bible. (read the bible, or a children's bible, or like this morning a book about the Disciples.This is always first)

5. Math. (Usually Pre Math It, or sorting, or baking something)

6. History. ( thru literature, like right now we are reading Little House in the Big Woods.)

7. Writing. ( Working on Italics....I would wait on this, but Sinclair started without me :O)

8. Reading ( This morning we read Madeline, and The Carrot Seed)

That's all Folks :O)

Usually this can take anywhere from a half an hour to 3 hours depending upon Daisy's nap, and house work.
Also the girls help with house work, and then they have free time to play. And they play make believe all day, I love that!!! Right now we are on limited amounts of TV. We have a movie night once a week, and that keeps them happy, and they tend to fight less and they stop having nightmares when the TV is cut back.

Having said all this I reserve the right to change my mind on a number of things :O)
This is what works for us, and is not for everyone.

What is your typical day like?

Monday, January 28, 2013

First Day! Creation!

Last week we centered all of our work on three simple, but awesome, verses.........

The girls found and recognized the words God, and Light.
They even memorized these precious gems!

We got some flashlights from the Dollar Store and talked about God making light, he did not make darkness. We learned that Darkness is the absence of light.
They may, or may not, have absorbed that :O)

We made light boxes too.
Great Science activity!

This week we are starting Day 2!
I am happy to finally learn which day everything was created :O)

Happy Schooling!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baking = Math & Science

It was amazing, and the girls love to bake!

Ever since I was on bed rest with Baby D the girls have taken over cleaning the kitchen floor, amaze!
I just pop on some Cinderella music, and they really get into it!

Peace in Jesus!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Croc Printing

Last week we learned about Saltys and Freshys, two kinds of Crocodiles in our Ranger Rick magazine.
Instead of painting this time we worked with stamps and crayon.
We learned how to make a print just like the one on a crocs back.

Last week we read lots of books and stayed in mostly, it has been freezing here.
This week we look forward to getting out more.
Rie starts gymnastics and Sinclair starts Ballet.
What do you have planned this week?