Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre Math It

 Good day fellow teachers, if you are a parent you better believe you are a teacher.
This morning we read "The Courage of Sarah Noble". We had a tea party to practice serving others, and reinforce our manners. We also played with some play-dough.
And we did math.
Doesn't that sound weird?
"We did math", well we did. :O)

I love this curriculum, it uses dominoes and feels like a game. It really aids in student motivated learning.

Rie was content with her blocks....

"Look what I did!" 

Each one in numerical order.
Once she masters this we begin adding and subtracting, with a game board.
This curriculum uses concrete images, as apposed to abstract like numbers, which a child's brain doesn't recognize until the age of 7.
Just some info I go by.

In child rearing, homeschooling, anything you do really, there are so many different ways of doing things.
So please read this feeling encouraged and not like I think what you do is wrong.
Just putting that out there :O)

Have a blessed day!


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  2. Right on SUMMUR!Remember our dice and dominoes at St.P's???